Difference Between Roman And Greeks Essay

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Differences between Rome and GreeceIn my opinion what are the three most significant differences between Rome and Greece? I believe that their systems of government, religions and people. Although both Rome and Greece shared similarities in many areas like art, architecture and literature which both cultures were proud of. The Greeks were well unified country made up of isolated small farming community evolving into the polis or cities. There growing numbers of two-hundred communities led to the organization of these diverse people which were flexible and very creative. The diversity of these people and the change of their political system they disposed of kings and went to oligarchy. The Greece system of democracy was ruled by a body of nine officials. The officials were called aristocrats; the officials were made up of the wealthiest people from Greece. The citizens from Greece could have a voice of opinion to a certain extent. The Roman republic it was led by two annually elected consuls and two judicial officers called praetors; they also had a financial and public works officers elected annually. This allowed a changes among the people especially the middle and lower classes that obtained wealth overtime to move up and join the consuls. A big difference about Greeks and their religion was based on two major categories. They had two different beliefs that separated the wealthy and the poor. These categories were (Olympian Deities) god of the skies and mountain tops; also, (Chthonian Deities) the god of the underworld which was mainly worshiped by the peasants. This is what separates these two societies; Roman beliefs they were very complex among the people. Many of these Roman people believe in one (God or Christ) and their successors of Bishops and emperors. The Emperors and Bishops were looked at as Gods to do the work of the gods to oversee the
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