Difference Between Leadership and Management

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Difference between Leadership and management In the role of leadership and management, they both are much alike, and one can not function effectively without the other. However, there are differences among the two roles. Leadership is when a person functions as the leader of an organization. This position requires a given of direction and guidance to a group. Leadership is about the enhancement and need fulfillment of an organization. A leader does not promote the needs of themselves but focuses on the people. There are some attributes that should follow the person in the leadership position. For one, the leader should be an innovator. An innovator has the ability to introduce new methods of procedure and has a creative way of presenting new ideas for changes. Other attributes of leadership may entail the ability to inspire trust among fellow employees and also among the employee and manager. Leading is by example which is the authentication of action-based leadership (2010). Management consist of controlling a group or a set of entities to accomplish a goal (2010). The person in the management position implements the guidelines established by the company. Managers perform a range of duties or functions with the amount of times spent on each function depending on the level of management and specific organizational needs (2012). Management has several traits. The individual in this position administers and maintains. This individual also focuses on systems and structure. The role of manager relies on control. Even though management and leadership are much alike, they also may reflect differences such as managers accept the status quo while leaders challenge it (2010). A business does not lose its worth overnight it is a negative building process. The problems associated with Woody Veneer Factory is a reflection of both management and leadership that has

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