Difference between high school and college

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High school has rules, is mandatory and free! Your time is structured through out the day in, meaning you go from one class to another and it may even be timed in-between classes. Students need to have permission to do extra curricular activities or to go on field trips. Most students are reminded all the time of their priorities and guidelines that need to be followed. A usual classroom in high school is not more than thirty-five people or less than ten. Your schedule is given to you by your guidance counselor. High school has one hundred days and maybe five more if you have snow days. Teachers at high school give you homework that is always passed in and thoroughly checked, will tell you all of your incomplete work and let you make it up and talk to you if they think you need help. In high school your attendance is supervised not only by your teacher but by the school. When teachers give you test they usually do it on small amounts of material learned, and they give you study guides to help you understand what is going to be on the test. Grading is a major difference! Most teachers will give you homework to boost your grade and extra credit assignments. You also must have a D to pass that course. Now that we have established what high school is like here is what the difference in college is like. Colleges are optional to you and some can be expensive depending on where you go and where you live. The time is owned by you and is your responsibility. You choose what you want to do with your future. You meet with your department head or go online and choose the class times you want and what classes you want to take. Graduation requirements and credits are what you have to think bout varying year to year. College is split up in to two semesters and classes can be from ten to hundred people. College has more studying, writing papers and reading. You have to make

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