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Difference Between Discovery Ionand Invent Essay

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Human beings have come a long way and we learnt many things that lead us to discover and invent many things that are far from what we could imagine. Many inventions and discoveries have been made by people with great minds in order to make our lives better than before. Discovery and invention work hand in hand however each has its own distinctions.
Discovery implies the determination of an existence. It is the act of detecting what has had existed before and finding reasonable proof in order to validate the truth. Like for instance, in order to prove that pre historic animals lived on earth, archaeologists had searched old fossils and artifacts among caves, mountains and even oceans to justify their discovery. On the other hand, invention is to create a product that did not exist before and the end result is completely distinct from others. One good example is the automobile. People before used horse carriage for transport, but now traveling is made easy and fast with the use of cars.
During the ancient time, people were keen observers of the universe. They were able to explore what had been present on that time. For that reason they discovered the different phenomena surrounding our planet. Unlike discovery ,invention does not include exploration but needs a thorough experiment in order to come up for the expected result. An illustration of this is when medical doctors are conducting a fact finding on   a certain drug. They need to formulate an experiment and not just merely studying the facts of the research.
Through discovery, people can comprehend and become aware of the things or events that had happened in the past. On the contrary, invention allows us to think imaginatively for us to develop a product that has a specific purpose. Discoveries may serve as a learning purpose whereas invention innovates the mind.
In summary, invention and discovery are essential for our existence yet we should consider that each has different concept of its own.

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