Difference Between China Education System and That of Australia Essay

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eduTopic: What kind of education system do you prefer to? Student name: Chris Number: 505668 Teacher: Warwick Fergus Class: EAP2 A (1) Date: 03/02/2013 Plan Introduction: 1: More and more people study in Australia. 2: The comparison between the two kinds of education systems become a hot button. 3: Studying in Australia is more interest. 4: Similarities and difference between Chinese education system and Australian education system. Body: 1: Compare and contrast the compulsory education. 2: Compare and contrast the course emphasis. 3: Compare and contrast the vacation. 4: Compare and contrast the duration of degree. Conclusion: 1: Sum up. 2: Students’ can choose which one to join in. Which kind of education do you prefer to? Nowadays, more and more young people are found in Australia as international students to pursue the Australian education. The topic of comparison between Chinese education system and Australian education system has become a hot button. Studying in Australia seems like more interest than that in China. The two systems can differ greatly in terms of compulsory education, the focus, vacation and timetable, duration of degree. In Australia, children can go to school earlier than that in China. It is known that 5 years old is allowed to register the preparatory school which is as same as the kindergarten in China for preparing the 12 years of primary school and secondary school by enforcement. However, the starting age of school in China is 7. The 12 years of compulsory education is contained in both of the two kinds of education systems and the secondary school in Australia is similar as the Junior high school and Senior high school in China. Chinese students are valued in their result of every term, in addition, they are asked to get a good mark or a high score. As a result, China’s education
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