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Jacob Colby @00491189 Diets Based on Demographics Recently scientists have done a food questionnaire on 21,636 people of black and white adults ages 45 years and older. The findings of the food questionnaire made a discovery that there are five major food diet groups that people tend to follow. The five groups were one; Southern consisting of lots of fried, processed foods and sweetened beverages. Two, Traditional foods that are made up of mostly Chinese and Mexican foods along with pasta’s and more traditional casseroles. Third was healthy diets mixing mostly of a balanced healthy diet with vegetables and whatnot. The fourth diet group was sweets with high amounts of sugar. The last dietary group was Alcohol—a diet that consisted mostly of alcohol and high in protein. This food questionnaire was based on finding out more on the usual and customary intake of a wide variety of food groups, rather than just based on individual foods for diets. The findings of the scientists also found that blacks were more likely to be part of the Southern diet while white men who were making under 35,000$ a year or who were uneducated were more likely to also be part of the southern diet. Blacks did not tend to be in the Alcohol diet group. People between the ages of 45 and 54 tended to be part of the healthy diet group while people over the age of 75 were not mainly part of the dietary group. College educated people did not tend to be part of the Southern Diet group. Honestly I think this is so true. I believe 100% that the more money you make the healthier you are. Because if you make more money nine times out of ten you have more education therefore you know what’s healthy for you. And less educated people make less money and healthy food is also very expensive. So in conclusion I completely agree with this article because the facts prove it and it

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