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Diets can affect people in a huge way. If someone eats only fatty foods then they will most like be fat and that affects what they are able to do. When someone eats a diet that consists of a lot of fat it is unhealthy. The body cannot digest and break down the fats that are in food like fast food and other greasy food. Having a balanced diet is a key because it gives you energy, protein, and other vitamins and minerals that the body needs. The body needs all the food groups, grains, proteins, diary, fruits, vegetables, and even a little fat. Besides the food that you eat there are other factors in your “diet”. Your metabolism plays a large role on how much you can eat and what type of foods you can eat. Someone with a fast metabolism can eat more and is allowed more fats because their body can break it down faster. However, as you grow older your metabolism gets slower so as you age you have to change your diet. In the research I did for my diet and my nutrition I had some interesting results. A normal diet and calorie intake is about 2,000 calories with all of the five food groups. Then I documented my diet for a normal diet and I had a number that was 3,708. At first this number seemed high but when I looked closer it made more sense and was a lot healthier than at first glance. When I calculate the approximate number of calories I burned I got 3,465 calories. These numbers are extremely close so it is a healthy diet. Also because I am trying to gain muscle I need a high protein intake which is accompanied by calories. Now, this diet is healthy but a diet that is from fast food restaurants is not. If three meals are eaten there the calorie total will reach up to about 6,500 calories which is over triple of the recommended amount. It is almost impossible to burn off that many calories for an average person. Also these calories and fat are harder to burn off

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