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Dieting Makes People Fat Essay

  • Submitted by: njsfzetw21
  • on December 13, 2009
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Dieting makes people Fat
Dieting is one of the leading World fads that have everyone in frenzy about trying to lose weight one way or another. The word Diet simply means a selection or a limitation on the amount a person eats for reducing weight. Diets are an essential to living a healthy lifestyle, and also to a healthy body. At the same time though diets can simply be a constant discouragement to people about how they can’t seem to lose the excess weight they want to lose. The world of dieting is a complex area that has many differential views about whether or not it is good for the person. In my opinion, dieting is a must have in order to maintain a stable healthy body.
Being on a diet can one of the most dangerous things you could do to try to lose weight. Most fad diets on the market today advertise saying you can lose so much weight without doing any exercises or taking fat burning pills that can cause some major side effects if you’re not careful(1). What makes the fat burning pill so dangerous is how the pill affects your nervous system. Taking some pills can cause you to feel like you’re stressed out or very jittery. Unfortunately the only thing you will succeed by taking a diet pill is that you will free like you have more energy left up inside you. Being on a diet is a scary situationsometime. Just remember not to push your body too far.
On the other hand dieting can be very beneficialto the body and soul. Dieting is a way that people can take their energy and burn it to help them maintain a healthy living style. Studies have proven that more people that maintain a healthy diet, and exercise live a longer life expectancy than others that don’t seem to quite care that much. Also maintaining a healthy diet can make that person feel so much better about them, because inthe end I would have to say that Diet’s are an essential necessity in everyday life.

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