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I chose an article about what zinc does for the body for a few reasons other than it being in a recent medical journal. While I was reading the article about zinc, I agreed with what the author was saying. He stated zinc was essential in the body maintenance of all ages. I already knew that zinc played a vital role in the immune system and in maintaining epithelial tissue, integrity, and cell growth. It also help with macrophage, a cell that engulfs and destroys bacteria in our body. What I did not know was how zinc plays more of a role in my life than I had expected. It not only helps my body but also comes into play at my job (at a nursing home). I did not know how helpful zinc is in infancy and the elderly generation. Apparently if a pregnant woman takes zinc it is incredible helpful with the baby’s life inside and outside of the womb. A steady intake of an antioxidant is always helpful, especially during this time when a person is most prone to illnesses of their life. An increased birth weight is one of zinc’s benefits for babies. It also helps decrease the risk of diarrhea and other morbidities in infancy which is vital for survival. If a baby had diarrhea, zinc would help maintain the integrity of the gut mucosa, or the stomach lining, to prevent or reduce the amount of fluid loss. With this help the baby will not get as dehydrated, preserving life. I know when I become pregnant I will make sure to add enough zinc in my diet for two. In the elderly generation zinc actually increases immune status and overall health! At my job, nurses are always giving our residents a shot of zinc, and those who receive it are rarely sick. This is probably due to the fact zinc plays a vital role as an antioxidant in protecting the body against free radicals. Free radicals are essentially a compound that is missing an electron. These free radicals are very unstable and try to

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