Dietary Needs for Athletes and Teenagers

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Discuss similarities and differences in the nutrients and energy requirements of two groups of individuals Athletes When individuals become athletes they have a strict diet because of their activities. This is so because they have to have run, play football and other activities that keep them busy. Therefore having the rightful diet is essential because it allows the individual to be fit and have the best dietary requirements because of their athletic capabilities. The eating habits of athletes will differ from other people because they have to give up foods that are unhealthy for them unlike teenagers or pregnant women who are open to any kind of foods. The eating habits of athletes will require more specific dietary needs because they need to keep healthy and they need to keep their body in shape for their sport. Therefore the food that the athlete needs should be monitored. For example a footballer player that plays for Liverpool FC will have a strict diet and they would be monitored on the kind of foods that they eat. If the football player happens to eat something that is unhealthy for his physical stature it would impact on their strength and it might cause the athlete to feel lazy. Most athletes need proteins and carbs to keep their bodies in shape. Different foods contain these and it is essential for the athletes to have the kind of foods. Protein is important for footballers to build, maintain and repair muscle. Foods that contain protein include Lean meats and poultry, Fish and seafood, Eggs, Low fat milk, cheese and yoghurt or soy products and Legumes and nuts. Too much fat in the diet can result in low energy levels and body fat gain. Fat takes a lot longer to digest than carbohydrate and is not a great energy source for football. We all need a little bit of fat in our diets and most of this should come from unsaturated fats rather than

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