Diet Rite Essay

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There is a diet for every style of life. Whether it is a religious, athletic, or the typical couch potato style of life, most of these have guidelines which limit or omit the consumption of certain comestibles. The most common way of eating for human beings is the omnivore diet, which consists of eating both meat and vegetables. There is also vegetarians or vegans, which eat either no meat or byproducts from an animal source. There is also a carnivore diet, which is not very common among humans, but there are situations in which large amounts of meat are the main ingredient. Many people wonder what diet fits their lifestyle better and why, which is why I will explain the benefits, purposes, and contradictions to every diet and also why it is important to stick to a diet that fits a lifestyle, rather than just eating whatever is in the fridge. Eating meat is a common thing around the world; almost every animal has been cooked and eaten in many forms. Having diets that consist mainly of meat are not common and its weird to see someone that just eats meat. But, even though it is not a common thing, there are people that rely or just eat meat in high quantities for the benefit or the pleasure. A purpose that meat serves is providing high amounts of protein. Occasionally people that are building muscle, like weightlifters and construction workers, supply their bodies with meat. Protein can be found also in plants, but there is a difference between animal and plant proteins. Plant protein is considered an incomplete protein, because it lacks a balance in essential amino acids. Animal protein is the other way around, “Animal protein has a balanced combination of all the amino acids, hence it is called complete protein.” (Feuerbach) Animal protein is also absorbed by the body easier than vegetable protein, which makes it better when recovering muscle tissue.

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