Diet Coke and Mentos Essay

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Diet Coke and Mentos Project Lab Team Members (no more then 3): ________________, __________________, _______________________ Date Assigned: ______________ Date of Lab: ________________ Date Lab Report Due (1 per team): __________________ Diet Coke and Mentos is a classic example of how a chemical reaction can occur. The difference is that everything that you need to make this reaction go, you can find outside of the Chemistry classroom. During this lab, we will be investigating how to get the highest “Diet Coke fountain” possible. In your teams of no more then 3, you must decide a variable to test. This means that you can only change 1 thing about the classic reaction! Remember that the classic Diet Coke and Mentos lab experiment had 1 2L bottle and an unknown amount of Mentos. They were placed into the Diet Coke at the same time, and the reaction occurred. The variable can be any change to the reaction listed above. For example, you could change the delivery system, amount of Mentos, etc. The possibilities are endless!! You must have at least 1 control group (the classic example) and then your change group. You may work with your group outside of class to determine the best combination of each group that gets the highest fountain. The group that gets the highest fountain will get an extra 10 points added to their lab report. Due dates: Monday April 25, 2011: All materials due to Ms. Layman (this ensures we have everything on lab day). Remember that Ms. Layman will not supply ANYTHING! So if you want to change the delivery system, you need to bring all needed materials to do so. Monday April 25, 2011: All background research (this can be typed or hand written) and MUST show that you have done research to support your hypothesis, which is describing what and why you are going to test something. If this is

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