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Diet Analysis I am a very active person. I bike, run, do yoga, ballet, and swim a lot. Skipping a day of physical activity for me makes me extremely antsy. In order to maintain this lifestyle I must eat well-balanced meals enriched in protein and vitamins however I do enjoy a treat following dinner. As a child, I was always outside bike-riding with my sister and our neighborhood pals. We only played games like tag or had races. My family is also very active and healthy. For example, my grandfather, who is 94, plays two sets of tennis every day with his 90 year old wife. There isn’t a day that I don’t come home to a home cooked meal or a holiday without home baked sweets. Eating responsibly and taking care of the one body you have is the main step to a healthy lifestyle. In Wendell Berry’s essay, “The Pleasures of Eating,” he tells us that as city dwellers with multiple options concerning our diets, there are 7 reforms we can make towards eating responsibly. His list includes participating in food production, preparing your own food, learning the origins of the food you buy, dealing directly with local farmers, educating yourself on industrial food production, learning what is involved in the best gardening and studying the history of food species. These are all excellent suggestions concerning what you put into your body. My family participates in many of these actions. We only buy locally grown produce, dairy, and meat products. We know where our food comes from and if we must eat processed food, we’ve done our research. However, there is always room for improvement. I enjoy a treat after dinner and I love fruit. Altogether, I could cut back on sugar- both natural and processed. Michael Pollan’s essay, “When a Crop Becomes King,” focuses on one aspect of the food industry and how many products it affects-corn. Pollan writes, “Our

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