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Nikko Bituin Prof. Zuromski ENC1102, Assign. #14 22 Mar. 2012 The Fad To Be Healthy A big part of my early life was filled with sadness. I cannot express fully how some days, I had that thought of not continuing life. It is a very sad fact about me and I thought I would never let go of that feeling, but that was not the case. At the ripe age of nineteen in 2011, I was considered an obese American weighing in at 310 pounds. My blood pressure was high and everything about me was unhealthy. Not just physical, but mental as well. My confidence level was extremely low, and it affected my social life dramatically. It got to the point where I had to change my life and I was the only person that could do that. In my journey of a healthier life, I tried several fad diets. I did what the fad diet told me to do and to my surprise, I lost weight. I thought it was a miracle because the diet did not require me to eat that many vegetables. A few weeks later, I did not lose weight, but had gained weight instead and felt worse than I ever felt before. I could not comprehend what was happening and stopped that fad diet before anything worse happened. After a little bit of research, I found out a little bit more information on the diet I was pursuing and found myself with a question I wanted answered. Why is it bad for Adolescences to be on these fad diets to live a healthier life? A Fad diet is like any other diet, but does not work like one. Basically, it becomes popular in a group of people like teenagers, but then becomes unpopular just as quick. Some people choose these types of diets because other people are doing it and its working for them, so they think it should for them as well. Then they realize it does not work and quit right away. These fad diets try everything they can to lure adolescents to their gimmick and make false promises to them. For example, these diets

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