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When you hear the word “fad,” you may get nostalgic, thinking of social trends past, reminiscing about poodle skirts, lava lamps, pet rocks, troll dolls, mood rings, Cabbage Patch dolls, igPay atinLay, beanie babies, or The Rachel haircut. Chances are, most of the fads and trends you followed (or avoided) resulted in harmless fun and great memories (except when your Rachel haircut failed to make you look like Jennifer Aniston) that you look back fondly upon. However, there is also the category of health fads, including dieting which is far from fun; in fact it can be downright dangerous. Diets are nothing new, and have been around since the Greek and Roman times, however, they are still dangerous and should be avoided. Lord Byron, the English poet best known for works such as, Don Juan and She Walks in Beauty, and also renowned for his own beauty, was one of the first celebrities who was known to work hard at maintaining his figure, possibly beginning society’s obsession with celebrity weight loss, resulting in fad dieting. At times he would starve himself, then when he could no longer deny his ravenous cravings, he would binge, consuming enormous feasts, which he would follow with milk of magnesia to calm his stomach, as detailed in Louise Foxcroft’s fascinating read, “Calories and Corsets: A History of Dieting Over Two Thousand Years” (2012). Lord Byron had an enormous impact on the nation, so not surprising, he popularized a diet, based primarily of vinegar. In order to purify his system, on a daily basis he would drink vinegar and consume vinegar-soaked potatoes. As a result, he would vomit and have diarrhea, resulting in a “fashionably” thin, pale look. According to Byron, “a woman should never be seen eating or drinking , unless it be lobster salad and champagne, the only truly feminine and becoming viands,” as quoted by Foxcroft (p. 54). Byron

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