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Diet Improvements Over a course of two years I sat back and wondered why I gained so much weight at such a rapid pace. Before I was aware, I had gained 30 pounds and did not realize why causing a bit of frustration. Why did I gain so much weight when my eating habits although bad did not change? I knew my activity levels remained the same and I was never an inactive individual, so the question I constantly asked myself was: “What changes do I need to make to stop the gain of weight which is unhealthy and frustrating? I was aware of quite a bit of nutritional facts and knowledge before the course, my problem with it was acting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle based on the information I knew, as well as what I have learned in the course over seven weeks. I have gained much knowledge and tips from the course regarding my health and other classmates opinions on nutrition and the positive effects it may have on an individual; my life has changed for the better over a year and this course gave me a push in the right direction in motivating me to do the right thing. Going back two years prior, I felt there was not enough time in the day to eat healthy or exercise based on my work schedule. I spent each day eating fast food as it was the most convenient option at the time, I felt that was the best option to have an eat and go experience and focus on other things in life other than my bodyweight. My work schedule did not help as I had a constant rotating schedule and I was never able to find a pattern of exercising and eating healthy. I also sat back and wondered why I never had any money; what I did not realize at the time was how expensive fast food is and how unhealthy it could be for a person who constantly eats it and is inactive regarding any exercise. I am 6’ and at the time I weighed 200 pounds which is not extremely unhealthy but after consuming so much fast

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