Diesel Motors Essay

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Advantages to Diesel Motors Driving a truck with a diesel motor has many advantages. They are really good for pulling a lot of equipment. They don’t need spark plugs to start. The fuel economy compared to a gas truck is much better. Those advantages are very convenient versus a gas motor. Most people who have a diesel truck use it to pull heavy loads. They are built to withstand heavy equipment much better than a gas burning truck would. On a farm mostly all the tractors and trucks have a diesel motor. Tractors have a diesel motor because most of the time they are pulling heavy implements in the field. The trucks mainly pull heavy loads such as tractors, seed wagons, and implements down the road. The start of a diesel truck is a lot different from a gas burning truck because diesel engines use compressed air to combust. That is what makes the truck start versus using air and fuel in gas engine. To help a diesel start usually there are glow plugs. Glow plugs mainly help it when it is very cold outside. In a gas motor the spark plug help it start and it will have to be tuned unlike a diesel motor. If you want to pull heavy loads and get the best fuel economy the diesel motor is the way to go. Diesel fuel has a higher density which makes the motor have better fuel economy. Compared to a gas motor, the diesel motors fuel economy will increase about 20 to 30%. A gas burning truck will get at best around 15 mpg versus the diesels 18 to 20mpg. Over all the diesel motor is the way to go for

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