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The Decision to Mount the Dieppe Raid The Price of Lessons Learned Canadian Military History If we could only travel back in time and actually sit in the planning war rooms prior to the raid on the French town of Dieppe. Who would someone talk to in order to get the real reason behind Canada being involved in mounting the Dieppe raid in late summer of 1942? Both writers point of view diverge several times but converge on many of the same topics. All in all, neither of the articles can contest the will and effort of the Canadians during this fateful operation in 1942. These articles are both written in historical format and written in a manner that is more focused on the reading by those interested in history than for general readership. There is no glory here. They were written factually as that is true test of the concepts. The article written by Peter Henshaw explains these reasons in a much more logical and distinctive fashion. These three objectives are the focus of this paper. The first main focus is the need for the Allies to appease the Russians. The other two are much more Canadian centric. It was a chance for the Canadian troops to be controlled under their own command and for the commanders to be part of the planning process. Finally it was about what the commanders assume is directed nationalism. These last two were very political as they would, hopefully, lead to more support and autonomy back home. What will not be covered in this paper are the actual tactics that were used in the raid form the author’s viewpoints. As mentioned before, both of the articles were written from a slightly different viewpoint, both articles speak to the need of a Canadian national identity and the requirements to be able to control our forces in the international arena. Both come to the same conclusion that OP Jubilee was a disaster and that the lessons

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