Die Hard American Ethos Analysis

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* The Thesis statement of this essay is “Beyond its stereotypic dispatching of the villians, however, Die Hard functions on two additional levels. First, its hero attacks villains who personify major cultural problems and, second, he confronts problems in his own nature.” * Yes, I think Peter Parshall has tons of analysis and evidence that supports it that ties into the thesis of his essay. He first explains how he is a stereotypical hero, and than goes on to how the villains personify major cultural problems, and than he explains how John confronts his problems in his own nature. * After watching the movie Die Hard myself, I had a completely different interpretation of the movie than the author. However, after reading the essay “Die Hard: The American Mythos”, by Peter Parshall, I agree with every interpretation of the author. I think my different feelings of pre reading the essay, compared to…show more content…
He analyzes the use of Christmas music and what it means to the movie. Another technique that Smith analyzes is movement and expression. Smith explains how when the camera follows John, the camera has to pan and track frantically just to keep up with him. In contrast, most of Holly’s shots include her just standing there. This ties in with another technique Smith analyzed in the movie, which was size of shot. When Holly is just standing there, Smith observes that the filmmaker is using close up shot to show the reactions. He explains that this was used to show how the woman in the movie is still the ones that care about there loved ones and that’s their role. This differs from John, who gets shot with a medium size shot to show all of his actions. One last technique Smith analyses in the movie is Camera angles. He explains how they shot some scenes with rotating cameras at different angles to try and show different things, such as how much room the character
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