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Did You See Him? In most cases, a book or written literature give more knowledge and deeper descriptions than a movie version based on the writing. More often than not, a movie is missing large chunks of detail that written pieces provide; however, you come away with the same general ideas, thoughts, and feelings. While the main elements of the Langston Hughes story, “Salvation” are similar in the written text and the movie version the discrepancies in the emotions of the main character, atmosphere in the church and the main setting unexpectedly provoke diverse emotional responses. Differences small and large make a huge impact on the interpretation of each version. While both the written version and the film present the same teenage boy, Langston, as the main character his knowledge and attitude towards being “saved” are presented in two different understandings. The written version does not include any information on his previous knowledge or training, nor if he had ever even attended church previously. He seems excited and interested in being “saved”; he looked forward to and believed in the changes his Auntie Reed promised him. However, in the film version he explains that he has never been to church, for days ahead of time he reads spiritual books desperate for understanding. He begins to feel anxiety and fear of disappointing his Auntie, even to the point of being unable to eat his dinner. Clear distinctions are made that one version is full of hope and excitement while the other is flooded with fear and anxiety. Another large inconsistency in the two versions takes place in the church itself. In the written story, Langston sits on the bench with the other kids and he is calm. In the video, he and his Auntie start out in the hall where she is commenting on and straightening his church clothes, putting emphasis on the pressure of “looking” a certain way to

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