Did The Suffrage Movement Made Substantial Progress Essay

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Do you agree with the view that the suffrage movement made ‘substantial progress’ during the first decade of the twentieth century? During the first decade of the 20th century the suffrage movement made significant changes in the way that they campaigned for the vote. Their change in tactics did have some positive effect on the campaign however it did alienate some politicians as they felt the new violent tactics proved that women did not deserve the vote. Even though they brought female suffrage to the attention of the public eye there progress was limited as in they were not able to actually achieve their goal of female suffrage. During the first decade of the 20th century the suffragettes more militant style campaigning was met with a lot of opposition. Source 15 comments that the “suffrage movement still failed to persuade the government and the majority of the population to support votes for women”. This is true as women were not able to gain the vote until 1918, and many politicians were against women having the vote;…show more content…
Although there was changed tactics and a greater push from suffrage organisations to achieve the vote, it in some cases in fact alienated politicians and the public. As source 13 states “we have been told that we cannot have the same political rights which men have won unless we convert the whole country to our side”. This source being written by Emmeline Pankhurst means it very useful as it shows how people directly involved felt about what the suffrage movement had achieved, and from the implications of this source that was very little. If the leader of the WSPU claims herself that the movement is not making ‘substantial progress’ then it is very difficult to argue against this. They were beginning to make headway however this was still a long way to go before the movement had made substantial enough progress to gain the
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