Did the Nazis Successfully Manage to Keep Control of Germany?

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Nazi party used to keep control over Germany was Propaganda and censorship. Josef Goebbels set up the ministry for popular enlightenment and propaganda to control Germany’s media. They used the media aggressively to promote their point of views in Germany. They indoctrinated and brainwashed the German people into believing that their ideas were the future for Germany which was important as it meant there was less resistance to the regime. The Nazis took complete control of the Press, so that all of its content could be strictly regulated to glorify the Nazis. This was important as the Nazis would then be perceived as a great party to reign over Germany, it made the German republic believe in them because of the way they were publicized so they had the control of them as they believed they were good. Radios played a huge part in propaganda for Germany because all stations were under Nazi control so only Nazi approved stations were played; cheap radios were so everyone could get news and reports about the Nazis which were played in cafes and in town centres. This was important was it meant everyone was being controlled by what they heard and they could not escape Nazism. Even films were censored to promote Nazis as a superior race. Therefore this paragraph proves that the Nazis successfully managed to keep control of Germany as the people were all forced to at least listen to the Nazi message and as well as being scared of them and the Nazi police state, they also were constantly being shown glorified images of the Nazis get them to all be complacent and to believe they were doing the best for their
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