Did Juliets Depression Cause Her Suicide

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Romeo and Juliet Depression is something that affects many people today in modern America. If not treated, depression can and may lead to suicidal thoughts and actions. In Shakespeare’s famous novel Romeo and Juliet, Juliet is constantly depressed. She even shows signs of bipolarity which may have caused her depression and ultimately her suicide. One possible cause for Juliet to be suicidal is the death of her cousin. In support of this statement the article “Teen Suicide Overview” states that “factors that may contribute to teen suicide include….death of someone close to the teenager”. This means that someone close to the teenager has died and they might have been greatly impacted. Death of someone close might led to depression which then leads to suicide. In Romeo and Juliet, Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin is killed out of anger by Romeo, her husband. Juliet might be suicidal because of the death of her cousin and the problems that death caused. The death not only caused the exile of her secret husband the death also caused her arranged marriage to happen earlier than planned. Since the beginning of the story Juliet might have been suicidal and some events might have just pushed her through the limit. Juliet also shows many classic signs of bipolarity. According to the article “Bipolar Disorder and Suicide” symptoms of bipolarity include “poor judgment, feeling hopeless and helpless, withdrawing from others and are unable to think clearly”. People with similar symptoms that last more 1 week may be experience manic or depression episodes. An episode is a strong mood swing which is caused by a brain disorder known as bipolar disorder. In Romeo and Juliet, Juliet shows she feels hopeless when she threatens to stab herself if she doesn’t find a way to get out of her upcoming arranged marriage. As the story progresses she starts withdrawing away from her nurse, the only
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