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Did Jesus Christ really resurrect from the dead. There are many points for Jesus Christ’s resurrection but there are also just as many against it. For example Mark was inspired by God, so it must be true, but also Mark was like any human and capable of making mistakes, as were his sources. This happens again when people argue God’s power overrides the laws of nature but all none believers would say that rising from the dead is impossible; it contradicts the laws of Nature and sounds like a zombie film. Then the people for Jesus’ resurrection could say, well if the story was made up, its author would not have included the unlikely detail that women were witnesses. Again though there is another claim returning that line of argument saying, maybe the women went to the wrong tomb. But no say the people for his resurrection, the story of the empty tomb is very restrained; a made up story would be far more dramatic. Again the others reply, perhaps the story of the made up tomb was a kind of parable making the point that Jesus should never be forgotten. So as you can see the jumping from side to side is never ending. Another example is if the centurion would have not made that mistake; Jesus was dead. Jesus could not have moved from his physical ordeal. Perhaps Jesus was not dead but unconscious. The appearances could have been of a revived rather than a resurrected Jesus. But say the people for his resurrection, it is unlikely that his body was moved: the disciples were too afraid, and the Jews and Romans had no reason to move it. If they had, they would have used his body to discredit stories of the Resurrection. Still there is a reply; his body might not have been moved by his disciples who wished to honour it. It may have been moved by the Jews or Romans who might have wanted to prevent his memory being honoured so took the body away. Still the argument is not

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