Did Humans Cause Global Warming? What Can Be Done to Stop It?

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Global warming is a discussion that many argue over. Is it real, did humans cause global warming, is it just something that is a part of nature and happens in cycles, or if it is human causation, what can be done to stop it? This essay will discuss both sides of the debate and what humans can do to stop our environment from being permanently affected by global warming. In order for our planet to have a future where human, animal, and plant life can prosper and grow, we must be able to understand climate change, and the affects, if any that human life has on our environment. First we must look at the greenhouse effect. As our text states the greenhouse effect are gases that are naturally found in our atmosphere. These gases trap heat as it escapes from the Earth’s surface. Greenhouse gases let sunlight in, which is good, but they prevent heat from escaping. This in turn naturally causes warmer temperatures. (Turk, Bensil, 2011). So while we have other factors that relate to warmer temperatures, and global warming, the first factor that comes into play on warming our environment is natural greenhouse gases, which we need to avoid another ice age. As stated the greenhouse effect is a natural phenomenon. In fact, without it, the “Earth’s average surface temperature would be a frigid 0 degrees Fahrenheit (°F) rather than its actual average temperature of around 59 °F.” (Turk, Bensel, 2011) If we did not have these natural gases we would not be discussing global warming. We would instead be trying to find a way to heat things up and dig our way out of ice. There are many scientists and others who feel that global warming is not due to humans, but instead point to the sun as the cause. “Climate change contrarians often point to the sun as the driver of extra-human global warming. The fact that the sun has been ruled out as the cause of global warming by solar

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