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Gattaca Questions 1. There is a helix of interwoven storylines running through the film: -The murder investigation -The love story between Irene and Vincent -The relationship between Vincent and Jerome and Vincent’s quest to fulfil his dreams -The relationship between Vincent and Anton Which storyline drives the action of the film most powerfully? How are all these storylines connected? What ideas/themes does each touch on – similar themes may be explored in all. The relationship between Vincent and Anton shows the difference between two types of people. This is representing the difference between invalids and the valid people in the movie. It impacted the film the most powerfully because it played a negative role in the film, it showed how different people’s lives are if they were different to others. All these storylines are connected as they all play an important role in the film. Vincent is involved in all areas of the storyline which connects all the strands of the film together. His desire to do things that society doesn’t allow him to do make all the events occur to contribute to the storyline. The themes and ideas that are touched on are, being excepted into unfair society, and having love/hate relationships with people that are treated as “different”. 2. Is the world portrayed in Gattaca a utopia or dystopia? The world of Gattaca is portrayed as dystopia, because it isn’t a “perfect” world and involves a lot of discrimination. 3. What Is the significance of Jerome winning a silver rather than a gold medal? How is the medal used in the film symbolically? Jerome being an invalid, allows him to get second place rather than wining first place which would represent as being “better” as being a valid also would represent being “better”. 4. What does the movie think of Eugenics? What problems are associated with it? Who is most successful in
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