Did Having an Empire Make Britain Great?

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Did having an Empire make Britain great? The British empire was huge – an empire is a group of countries ruled by another country- by 1900 Britain ruled countries including India, Canada, South Africa and Australia. Business people in Britain wanted to sell things in new places. They also wanted to use some of the things that come from other parts of the world. This is the reason Britain took over countries. These countries were made into colonies. This is called colonisation. British people went to work and live and these colonies. On one hand it could be said that having an empire made Britain great because British values were spread. This means our ways and traditions were spread amongst foreign people and we became more known and our way of life became more common. 18000 men, women and children earned money from making goods. This created many jobs and boosted the economy. Imports and exports rose greatly according to Source A- Imports and Exports 1700-1900. Source D shows a new railway in India 1880s if Britain didn’t take over these countries they wouldn’t have new technologies such as the railway spreading British ideas and inventions. Overall the British Empire improved Britain by spreading its values, keeping the economy going, showing off how modern and advanced Britain was, creating jobs and increasing trade, money and power. On the other hand it could be said that having an empire didn’t make Britain great because of Britons attitude. They considered non white people to be lower than them. James Morris said in Heavens Command 1973-‘At heart every Briton considered as his inferior everyone who was not white- the less white the more inferior’ meaning that the lighter your skin tone the more higher up you were seen to be. Burton Beers published a school textbook in 1983 called world history. In this book it says how ‘The British encouraged farmers
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