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Did Emily Davidson Intend To Martyr Herself? Essay

  • Submitted by: Liam96Reynolds
  • on February 21, 2012
  • Category: History
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Did Emily Davidson Intend to Martyr herself?

In this essay I am going to study and analyse 7 sources relating to Emily Davidsons death in 1913. Each of these sources explain different conspiracy’s to why Emily Davidson attended the Derby on 4th June 1913 and if she did or did not intend to Martyr herself.   In these seven sources there are 4 conspiracy’s relating to the statement that Emily Davidson intended to martyr herself. There are also 3 conspiracy’s relating to the statement that Emily Davidson did not intent to martyr herself.
In my opinion, sources C, E, F and G are the 4 sources that support the statement that Emily Davidson set out on Derby Day with the intention of Martyring herself.
Source C
Source C is an extract taken from the Sunday Times newspaper commenting on the funeral of Emily Davidson on 15th June 1913. In this it says ‘It was a tribute of women to women, who in their eyes had at least, had achieved martyrdom for the cause which they all represent’, this suggests Emily Davidson did intend to Martyr herself. It also says ‘she possessed a spirit capable of heroic deed or sacrifice. This also suggests that she again intended to martyr herself. I believe source C to be reliable as it is written by a national newspaper editor, the ‘Sunday Times’ and it is they’re role to provide a professional non-bias service to the public. The extract from the Sunday Times was written in 1913, this shows that other conspiracy theories have not yet circulated and so this could be an honest interpretation of what actually happened from the Sunday Times editor. Although this shows that the Sunday Times should be reliable I think there could be a possibility that they could exaggerate things to make more money but overall I think the Sunday Times is a good reliable source.
Source E
Source E is an extract taken from a suffragette propaganda newspaper, ‘The Suffragette’. In this source it says that ‘there are women who care so passionately about the vote and...

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