Did Charles First Have A Fair Trial Essay

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Did Charles 1st have a fair trial? I disagree with the TV program dictating that Charles 1st trial was one of the fairest. In this essay I intend to depict what happened at Charles 1st trial and if it was a fair trial. Charles was put on trial in London, January 1st 1649. He was accused of being a (*). No law could be found in all England’s history that dealt with the trial of a monarch so the setting up of the court that was to try Charles was written by a Dutch lawyer called Issac Dorislaus and he based his work on an ancient Roman law which stated that a military body (in this case the government) could legally overthrow a tyrant. The execution of Charles, led to an eleven year gap in the rule of the Stuarts (1649 to 1660) and it witnessed the rise to supreme power of Oliver Cromwell - whose signature can be…show more content…
He also refused to take off his hat as a sign of respect to the judges who did attend. This seemed to confirm in the minds of the judges that Charles, even when he was on trial for his life, remained arrogant and therefore a danger to others as he could not recognise his own faults. This trial is unfair in so many ways: Firstly the setting up of the court that was to try Charles 1st was written by forerunner. Secondly, the fact that people weren’t allowed into the trial just because they didn’t agree with it, in my opinion this is the most unfair part of the trial because everybody is entitled to their opinion, even back then. Thirdly, only just over half of the 46 judges agreed to the trying of Charles 1st. Fourthly, Charles 1st should have had the chance to defend himself at any part of the trial also he was the king and shouldn’t needed to take his hat of for whilst he was still king he was still higher than the judges. Over all I think that this trial was very unfair and although Charles 1st was guilty the trial still should have been

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