Did Abraham Lincoln Free The Slaves

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Did Abraham Lincoln Free the Slaves? “Your country? How came it yours? Before the Pilgrims landed we were here. Here we have brought our three gifts and mingled them with yours: a gift of story and song… in an ill-harmonized and unmelodious land; the gift of sweat and brawn to beat back the wilderness… and lay the foundations of this vast economic empire two hundred years earlier than your weak hands could have done it; the third, a gift of the Spirit.” -W.E.B. Du Bois Lincoln was aware and fully understood the problem of slavery and the role that it played in the start of the Civil War. In the light of the recognition Lincoln made about slavery and how it played in the fight between the North and South, we shouldn’t be surprised that the Emancipation Proclamation established a policy to end slavery. That’s how the ending of slavery became the war aim, and how Lincoln got the nickname as “the Great Emancipator.” In the argument that says yes Stephen B. Oates reminds us the Lincoln would have benefitted from freeing the slaves. “In 1862, his armies suffered from manpower shortages on every front. Thanks to repeated Union military failures and to a growing war weariness across the North volunteering had fallen off sharply;”(pg. 332) By freeing the slaves Lincoln could call these freed colored people into service for the union and solve his manpower shortages. Then in March 1862 Lincoln proposed a plan to Congress that he thought would help, “a gradual, compensated
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