Dicussion About Experiment in Resonance Tube

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-Resonance, a tendency of a system to oscillate or vibrate with high amplitude in certain unique frequency.To determine the resonance, we can listen to the deep and loud sound which is able to maintain for a long time. As mentioned earlier, the frequencies that response to high amplitude are known as the system's resonant frequencies. Because of the vibrational energy stored in the system, tremendous amplitude oscillations can be produced with just little periodic driving forces within the frequencies. Resonance occurs when a system is able to store and easily transfer energy between two or more different storage modes such as the kinetic and potential energy in the pendulum case. There are some losses from cycle to cycle, this phenomenon is called DAMPING. When it is at small scale, it's frequency can achieve almost equal as the natural frequency of the system which is frequency of unforced vibrations. Almost every sytems have multiple and different resonant frequencies. -In this experiment we found ourselves caught in several errors. During the experiment, instead of using tools or apparatus, we used our own hearing to determine the resonance by listening the volume of the produced amplitude, thus causing inaccuracy in recording results. The frequencyproduced by the function generator has uncertainty of 0.01Hz and varies slightly around +-0.05Hz during the experiment. Another uncertainty-related error is the diameter of cylinder. The vernier caliper used during the experiment has uncertainty of +-0.1mm where it can affect the calculations hence altering the final results which could lead to misconception. -Several cares are taken in this experiment. Firstly it would be the position of the speaker. A firm retort stand is used to hold to the speaker tightly in order to prevent it from dislocating itself when functioning. Also
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