Dictatorships In Italy And Germany Essay

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Dictatorships in Germany and Italy Dictatorship was not the cause for the start of war but it was both Hitler and Mussolini’s aggression to make their country a greater nation which flanked out the European tension. Dictatorship in Germany: Nazi ideology: Lebensraum- believed in his master race (Aryan Race) where the living space will be found in Eastern Europe Russia, the destined future place for the future German Empire Race- Hitler drew his idea from Charles Darwin and applied it to nations and races. Inferior races would be overcome by the superior Aryan Race in future conflicts. In this version of the survival of the fittest, inferior Slavs of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union would become the slaves of the master race. Jews would be at the rock bottom pile. Nazi Foreign Policy: 1. Revisionism- tearing up of the hated T.O.V which involved ending reparations; restoring German military power; taking back stolen territories; re-establishing rightful place in Europe Creation of Gross Deutschland- uniting Germany and Austria; bringing ‘home’ those Germans forced to live with inferior races in countries like Poland and Czecksolavokia Autarky- if T.O.V was revised and lost territories were restored, Germany would move closer to economic self-sufficiency rather than relying on outside help, this was important if future expansion was to occur 4. France- reckoning of France was inevitable as outlined in Hitler’s Mein Kampf, once they were dealt with, Hitler could then turn eastwards Hitler’s first open challenge on T.O.V was by denouncing the military clauses and expanding the army to 500 000 men through conscription Economically they may be prepared for war, Germany still faced a number of obstacles dependent on imported
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