Dictatorship In Lord Of The Flies Research Paper

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Cara Kildall Period 5 10/17/08 LOTF Final Dictatorship is a slightly barbaric form of government that mistreats its citizens, and is ineffective. People’s mental welfare is in danger, because of the stress and trepidation of trying to live through another day. Also, they live in apprehension of being hurt or, in the case of Lord of the Flies, going crazy. Lawlessness is unhealthy for children and adults, and so a solid government is essential for happiness. Under dictatorship, many citizens feel incredible fear and deep unhappiness. Samneric from Lord of the Flies experienced both of these emotions when they were captured by Jack, and Ralph was unable to save them. Once captured, “Samneric lay looking up in quiet terror. Roger advanced upon them as one wielding a nameless authority”(p.182). Because of torture, which is common in dictatorship for…show more content…
In Lord of the Flies, all of the boys were turned into savages in several different ways. The navy officer had guessed, “’We saw your smoke. What have you been doing? Having a war or something?’” The officer did not even know the level at which the war (caused by Jack doubting Ralph) was at. The battle was between the only good left on the island (represented by Ralph) and the evil of dictatorship. The boys had turned into lawless animals, and were going crazy. The boys were so uncivilized, one boy forgot his own name. “Percival Wemys Madison sought in his head for an incantation that had faded clean away”. Ralph had tried to have a list of names, but Jack didn’t even bother. Dictatorships do not care about anyone’s personal welfare. Ralph had also tried to keep a fire going for smoke so they could be saved, showing that he cared for the welfare of the entire group. Jack only cared about the fire for roasting the pigs. Dictatorship is an uncivilized government, and so is ineffective for each individual’s personal
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