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Dickinson: Nobody In life we are challenged with the task of somehow finding how we fit into our own skin and developing who we are as a person. We attack this challenge with the hope that we don’t make too big of a mess in the process of finding ourselves. In high school, we often go on the labels we are given; jock, cheerleader, geek, artists, nerds, etc. but what you often don’t hear about is someone changing who they are labeled as and making their own choice as to how and what they are labeled. In this time most teenagers just stick to the status quo and don’t ask for change or something outside of the norm. Emily Dickinson is embracing her nobody status because to be a somebody, would be in line with all the people desperate to be something that they’re not. In her poem “Nobody,” she embraces her status as a nobody, because to be somebody would mean assimilating herself to someone else’s idea of being a somebody. Teenagers in general are told from the beginning that conformity is the best way to fit in and have a social life in high school. On the contrary though, when some conform then they are called out on being just like everyone else and not being themselves which is also a bad thing to do. There are many mixed messages told to teenagers these days. For one you should have these labels on your clothes, but don’t get the same one as someone else or you’ll be called on it being just like someone else’s. It is a very confusing web that has been weaved that teenagers must find a way through that has minimal damage and you don’t want to be eaten by the spider in the middle and get lost in the masses either. Emily Dickinson clearly questions assimilating to the masses because it is a valid argument to have. Why should you be just like everyone else? Why can’t you be an individual and have friends that might be similar but not the same? Just as

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