Dick Worthington Character Analysis

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Kayley Roden English 9/30/08 Story Dick Worthington is a very handsome man. He is tall, thin but muscular, has short brown hair and blue eyes. He is a complete gentleman. Dick recently started dating a girl named Kristen for the first time and just told the news to his ex-wife Jane by a letter he wrote to her. Dick and Jane have a daughter together named Holly. Dick left Jane a few years ago when Holly was two because she turned physically and verbally abusive toward him and Holly. Holly is serving a seven year sentence at a prison for being abusive toward Dick and Holly. Dick is a doctor at Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center in Seattle, Washington. He loves working with children and makes a great deal of money…show more content…
Dick finally managed to get up from the couch and tell Kristen goodbye without sounding frightened. Dick knew that Jane was upset with the letter he sent her about Kristen because Jane thought that they were still going to be together after she got out of prison. Dick knew that when Jane got upset it was not good. She could kill someone if she wanted and that is what she wanted, to kill Dick. Dick had to think of something fast so he could get away from her. So Dick started to run toward the kitchen. Jane was right behind so he quickly flipped the small couch and Jane fell over it giving him more time to escape. Dick grabbed his keys on the kitchen counterand heads to the front door. Just then he notices that his big cooking knife is missing from its holder. He looks back to where he flipped the couch and Jane isn’t their. Panicked, Dick flings the front door open and runs to the car. He gets into the car and heads to go to the police station by the pier. About half way their, Jane pops up from the backseat of the car. Dick screams, swerves in the road but recovers from his mishap. “She must have snook out when I was getting my keys and jumped in the backseat of my car under Hollys blanket” thought Dick. Dick relizes that he could be killed any moment because she has the knife from the

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