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Larry Smith Anne Lotz ENG 101 Essay 2 13 November 2009 Dicks Sporting Goods If a person is into getting or staying in shape one of the places that this person may do most of his or her shopping for the supplies to do such things would be “Dicks Sporting Goods”. Anyone who enjoys playing or even just watching sports would agree that this store is one of their favorite places to shop. However there are some that don’t enjoy these things as much as others. The store uses many different elements that are meant to attract these people that don’t have a large amount of interest in all things athletic. The first and one of the best things about this store is the location. The store is located in Oxmoor Mall on Shelbyville…show more content…
Every section has a large sign either suspended from the ceiling or high on the wall over the section. Dividing the sections are the isles with tile flooring and in the actual sections the floor is covered with a dark carpet. The carpet serves two purposes. First it allows the shopper to focus on the merchandise rather than everything around. Second it keeps sounds from echoing. The store is very large and the clothing isn’t always enough to absorb the sounds and keep them from…show more content…
The employees are allowed to let a customer climb the wall with the protective gear. The wall also stretches up to the second floor of the store which makes a person want to go up to the second floor just to see the top of this large wall or to watch someone climb to the top. While on the second floor, a shopper is likely to be drawn in by something else and then continue shopping on a whole second floor away from what they are used to. So the wall draws people up to the second floor but they may be tired of walking all day in the mall and don’t want to walk up steps. So going up to the second level is an escalator. The escalators helps people see less reason for not going upstairs and are more inclined to do so because they do not have to

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