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Patrick O’Leary Chapter 3-4 September 6, 2012 Page 84 Question 5 “Chapter 3” Having a strong financial strength for a company creates more opportunities for one’s company. This would give the company an advantage over their competitors. When getting started with a company it is required to take large amounts of capital. If a company wants to be ahead of its compactors the company wants a strong marketing approach, great production facilities, or advertising before the company makes its first sale. An example of this is the company Dick Sporting Goods. If they did not have a strong financial strength, they would not be able to improve their product. Also Dicks Sporting Goods makes the customer feel like they are in an outdoor environment when shopping at their store. This makes the customer feel comfortable and helps them promote their product. Also if the company has a low…show more content…
Determining dimensions are built into the quality, price, packaging and appeal of the product or service. A reason why I would choose Gatorade as my soft drink is because I am an athlete. I feel that Gatorades marketing approach appeals all athletes that their drink is the way an athlete should crunch their thirst. They always have world star athlete to advertise their target. When buying shampoo I would look at the price instead of the popular brand. I feel that since I am a male and have short hair, I am not worried about what the shampoo does to my hair. As long as the product makes my hair smell nice I am happy. When buying a shirt I look at the determining dimensions of appeal. I buy a shirt depending on the style that everyone else is wearing. I also determine what time of the year it is and is it worth buying the shirt even though the weather will be changing. An example of this is when I go school shopping in August; I look more for winter and fall clothing, rather than summer and

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