Dick Gregory: The Comedian, Civil Rights Activist

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The Comedian, Civil Rights Activist, Author, and Nutritionist Richard Claxton “Dick” Gregory Born October 12, 1932 – Present Research Paper Due: April 24, 2004 Final Research Paper INTRODUCTION As a social activist Dick Gregory has impacted many lives on many fronts – from the Civil Rights Movement to Health and Nutrition. The scope of this research paper will tell the story of Dick Gregory who worked his way up from poverty to become a popular comedian, eventually more politically active and aware he turned into an activist during the Civil Rights Movement, the antiwar movement and various efforts to assure human rights. The method I will employ will be chronological of his lifelong struggle for equality for all human beings. Richard Claxton “Dick” Gregory was born on October 12, 1932 in Saint Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. Gregory was reared in poverty and began working at an early age to help support his family. He attended Sumner High School and was involved in sports during his younger years – and was an…show more content…
The evolution of black humor has been a foundation in the survival of the comedy in America. The environment in which most humor takes place has helped American culture and people survive. Humor is important because it is a part of the natural life process and is commonly taken for granted or recognized as having serious importance. Humor allows the exploration of new ideas in situations of uncertainty or unfamiliarity. Similarly allowed are the negotiation of taboo topics, sensitive issues, and marginal serious content. Humor performs a boundary function on both the internal and external. At the heights of the Civil Rights movement he was a black comedian who would talk about social issues such as needing a prescription for getting medicine but not for getting a

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