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Dick Clark Dick Clark brought people all over the world together through their love of music. He hosted the show American Bandstand, a television show aimed towards teenagers full of dancing and singing, for thirty-two years. Clark produced many shows like the American Music Awards and the 10,000-dollar pyramid. But he was most known for his annual television special, Dick Clarks Rockin’ New Years Eve, which he hosted for over three decades. Dick Clark was a hero because he changed the way people looked at music, and even the way people looked at other people, he tried to understand the teenage audience, and influenced many peoples lives for the better. Dick Clark first came into the music business when he took over the show American Bandstand in 1957, after the original host was fired. On this show helped numerous people at the start of their career, including the Beastie Boys, The Doors, Kiss, The Mamas & The Papas, Prince, Run-DMC, Michael Jackson and Madonna. With the success of this show, Clark decided to start another show called The Dick Clark Show. This show, however, was much more formal as Dick required a formal dress code of dresses for the girls, and coats and ties for the boys. Clark required the dress code to mute any criticism that could come from the public. On this show, he had numerous musical acts, but the main part of the show was the dancing. He also made a bold move by putting African Americans on his show. Many teenagers looked up to Clark, and when he introduced segregation on television, people started to accept it. Clark’s main focus was to appeal to the teenage audience and create things that they would enjoy. When he moved to Los Angeles, he finally into projects behind the scenes. He produced shows like the 10,000 Dollar Pyramid and TV’s Practical Jokes and Bloopers. He also produced many popular movies including

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