Dibsessay On Socrates And Machiavelli

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Please write an argumentative essay on Socrates and Machiavelli. Possible topics to write on include citizenship, leadership, authority, etc. It is recommended that students show their thesis statement to the instructor either in class or via email before the essay is due. EXAMPLE OF A THESIS STATEMENT Good citizens must be honest, question others, and be good educators because without these traits they will not have a positive impact on others and will be unable to constructively contribute to political discussion. Be sure your essay has a thesis statement Please underline your thesis statement Be sure that your essay refutes counter-arguments Please refer to the syllabus for additional essay writing guidelines Please refer to the six paragraph essay handout for argumentative essay guidelines Be sure that your essay engages Socrates’ and Machiavelli’s viewpoints Be sure that you quote Socrates and Machiavelli to back up your claim Be sure to edit your work Try to write with short and concise sentences • What is Socrates’ method of imparting knowledge? And then, answer the question: • Socratic Method is the method by which Socrates make people realize that they don’t know anything about the things that they thought they knew well. Machiavelli and Socrates Everyone has their own philosophies to deal with life as it is thrown at them. Machiavelli and Socrates offer guidance to societies so they may succeed, as noble rulers. Machiavelli gives his go get them attitude to help maintain power, which I agree with, and Socrates lays out his ideas of enlightenment to rule. Michiavelli gives great advice for someone living in America in the year 2000, so that they my gain and maintain power. As a whole Americans need to embraces the ideas of Socrates to be wise and just leaders. I support Machiavelli’s way of dealing with the way people really

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