Diary of Anne Frank

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Kristina Anderson 3/9/10 Period 6 Mr. Lemon The Truth About Anne The Diary of a Young Girl, written by Anne Frank, is a marvelously moving story about her personal life as she was living through the Holocaust. Everything she wrote in there is what was actually happening, and it all came straight from her diary, word for word. From the time she moved out of her home in Holland to her last diary entry before her, her family, and everyone else in the “secret annexe” were captured, it explains all the struggles and hardships everyone was going through. Anne was a bright and lovely thirteen-year-old girl who loved to learn. Even in the two years she went into hiding, she managed to keep herself and everyone else with her entertained. She was a gifted girl who also had a very deep, emotional side, and was able to portray all of this down in her diary. She was going through normal adolescent things, such as her budding relationship with Peter Van Daan, who was staying with her in the “secret annexe.” She explains how much she detests being compared to her older sister, Margot. Anne ended up dying at Belsen concentration camp shortly after Margot did. She died peacefully in her sleep, right before the allies made it to the camp. Margot Frank was three years older than Anne. She was normally quiet and very well-behaved, and considered by most to be more beautiful and more intelligent than Anne. During their hiding, her and Anne got really close, and they even managed to stay close after they were captured and sent away to Kristina Anderson 3/9/10 Period 6 Mr. Lemon several concentration camps. Margot ended up catching typhus at Belsen, a disease caused by lice or fleas, and was in a deep coma for a few days. She eventually passed away. Peter Van Daan was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan. They arrived at

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