Diary Of a Wimpy Kid Summary

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The book I picked was Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules. The author name is Jeff Kinney. Jeffrey Patrick, or Jeff Kinney as people call him was born on February 19th, 1971 is an American game designer and author of children's books including the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series. He is also attributed to be the creator of Poptropica. The main character in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules are: Greg Heffley, Rodrick Heffley, Rowley Jefferson, Frank (Dad) Heffley, Susan Heffley, and Manny Heffley. Greg is a boy that likes to hang-out out with his best friend and does not like people reading his journal aka (diary). Rodrick is Greg’s oldest brother, but is a rude and evil brother. Rodrick likes music and has a heavy metal band called LODED DIPER. Rowley is Greg’s best friend, but likes to come back from vacations and pick up crazy cultures like their language, clothes, and music. Frank Heffley has signed Greg up for the swim team this summer. Dad does not like Rodrick‘s friend\band mate named Bill Walter because he thinks that Bill is a bad role model to hang around with, because Dad does not want Rodrick to follow in Bill’s footsteps. It is because Bill is thirty-five years old and still lives with his parents. Susan (Mom) Heffley is the type of person that likes to have fun and watch romance- comedies with her husband if he would not stop working on his miniature Civil War battlefield in the furnace room. Manny is the baby brother of Rodrick and Greg. Manny draws pictures every time Rodrick and Greg yell at each other. The plot or summary of the book is that book is that Greg Heffley tells about his summer vacation and he attempts to steer clear of trouble .But, when returns to middle school and tries to keep his older brother, Rodrick, from telling everyone about his humiliating experience this summer .Rodrick tell the story to his friend about Greg

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