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Diary Of A Slave Essay

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  • on April 13, 2011
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April 5, 1846,
Today our peaceful village was raided by hundreds of white men. They captured us and crammed us onto a boat. There is no room to move, and barely enough room to breathe. No human being should be treated this way. Many of our friends have been separated from their families. My wife and I were lucky enough to have been able to stay with each other. We have no idea where were headed, but I hope we get there soon. These conditions are unlivable.

May 8, 1846,
People are dying all around us. We have still not arrived at our destination. We are all being treated like animals, held together with chains and shackles. Fortunately, I have been chosen to work on deck with a handful of other chosen slaves. My wife and the other women and children on board have much more freedom than the men, but they are frequently sexually assaulted. My wife has been raped multiple times in the few days that we have been on this ship. Everyday I ask myself how much longer we will have to put up with this.

June 2, 1846,
Today we were all given extra food and water. We also were able to bathe. The white men wanted us to look nice for the auction that we were about to be in. The older slaves had their grey hair shaved off so that they would look younger, and we were all smeared with some kind of oil so that we would look healthier for the auctioneers. The auction was humiliating. We were all stripped naked so that our physical condition could be seen by all. Some of the other men and women had lashes on their backs from being whipped on the voyage over. These wounds were filled with hot tar in order to be invisible to those who would be purchasing us. To our surprise, my wife and I, once again, were not separated. We were both purchased by a man named Robert Thompson. After a long trip, we have finally just arrived to our new home, the Thompson plantation in South Carolina. We wonder what awaits us in our future here.

June 2, 1846,...

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