Diary of a Runaway Streetkid Essay

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RUNAWAY DIARY OF A STREET KID CHAPTER NOTES March 22 -ran away from home only taking her poems, stories, a book of writers’ markets, a change of clothing and ten dollars. -is running away to try to forget the past and to escape the hardships at home -Don and Crystal, who are dating, have taken her in -they are over 19 so they could be charged for harboring a runaway -Evelyn feels protected when she is with them -decides to leave Vancouver and go up to the coast to stay with a friend named Joe -cops are looking for her -Tommy took her to Joe’s -Joe is an old hippy with long hair, round shoulders and who wears a fringed shawl -his cabin has a wood stove, no heat, no hot water or refrigeration, a sprawling garden and lots f tents where friends sleep -she nurtures vague notions of going to the states -loves writing March 24 -smokes pot with Joe for the first time -USA vs Libya war is going on March 25 -Tommy wants her to go home and talk to her parents -Patricia is her best friend at school -began to cry thinking about everything that has happened -Joe comforts her March 26 -Joe raped her -Joe doesn’t want her to tell anyone -she doesn’t want to stay with Joe anymore March 28 -cops are still looking for her -police found out that Crystal and Don were harboring her -Tommy is facing kidnapping charges -Joe wants her to leave March 29 -Tommy took her to Emergency Services -tried to overdose on Aspirin -Tommy was charged then released of charges -Evelyn was put in a cell with a toilet and sink that did not work as well as two beds April 2 -Evelyn was put in an emergency group home -shares a bedroom with a girl named Rachel -Rachel is on probation and had gotten stabbed by a “friend” -the girls have long talks together April 3 -Evelyn was assigned May Wong as a social worker -she wants Michael to be her social

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