Diary Of a Confused Soul Essay

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The Diary of A Confused Soul When Dave Eggers’ wrote a book about his life, it seemed as if he copied and pasted parts out of a diary. Eggers densely detailed young adulthood could have possibly been from past, written memories of some sort. Not only did that make the book hard to read, but also left a few readers baffled. Eggers, author of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, used an unconventional writing style that made the book confusing to read. Eggers’ used a writing style that contained paragraphs lasting for several pages. Eggers discussed Shalini’s physical state after she was put into a coma (329-331). Eggers back and forth thoughts to himself made a single paragraph last for over three pages. Eggers could have thought out his wording instead and writing in a stream of consciousness. Eggers also answered a simple question from an interview in well over two pages (214-216). In this paragraph, Eggers would go off into tangents that have nothing to do with what he was actually trying to say. A simple question about his parents turned into Eggers sharing that he masturbates once a day in the shower. Instances like these might have discouraged readers from actually reading the content and as a result readers might have skimmed through them, thus making the read even more confusing. Eggers had conversations that were also hard to follow. His conversations with others never had any reference as to who was speaking. For seven pages, Eggers has a conversation with his brother Toph (321-327). His writing style would have been clearer if he would have occasionally stated who said what. Eggers would also have the same person speak twice but almost seemingly purposefully separating them into two lines to throw the reader off. This might have been confusing to readers because they had to re read the dialog to fully understand what Eggers was saying. Eggers

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