Diary Free Diets Essay

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------------------------------------------------- Food Optimising without dairy Unlike other diets or eating plans, the generosity and flexibility of Food Optimising means that it is suitable for practically every dietary requirement or preference. Having to avoid or limit dairy products for medical needs or simply preferring a low-dairy diet is no problem when Food Optimising. Because no food is banned, you choose the foods you want to eat and build up your own meal plans, allowing you to easily incorporate your personal dietary needs. We recommend you always continue to follow any advice you have been given by your doctor or dietitian and Food Optimise as normal. As Food Optimising allows personal food selection you can easily incorporate suggestions made by your health carers when building up your meal plans and menus. Healthy balance If you need to limit your intake of dairy products, it is important to ensure you are still having a well-balanced diet. It is important to get good professional advice and your doctor or dietitian will be able to advise on omitting or limiting problem foods but still having a healthy, balanced and enjoyable diet. As dairy products are generally good sources of calcium you may have been given information on calcium-rich non-dairy alternatives, other sources of calcium or possibly been recommended a dietary supplement. Healthy Extra choices and calcium One particular section of our Food Optimising system, Healthy Extras, may require more careful consideration when planning your meals and snacks. Part of this - the 'a' section - encourages you to obtain a good source of calcium each day and many of the foods listed in this section are dairy products. Non-dairy options are also incorporated, including calcium-enriched soya milk and rice milk. Goats' milk and sheep's milk are included for members preferring these options to

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