Diary Entry On Paget's Disease

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Melanie Willis Diary Entry September 23, 2013 Paget’s disease I feel a little silly being so old and writing in a diary. But my kids say that it will be fun for them to read one day… So here I go. I just turned 64 last week. How exciting, right? The biggest present of them all, was a doctor’s visit. Oh boy did they have news for me! When I got there I told them about how I had been feeling. My thigh was in a lot of pain and starting to feel weak. I was almost at the point of having a limp at all times. I started studying my leg and I almost thought it might be a little deformed, I thought I might just be seeing things, so that’s when I decided to talk to my doctor. He told me that I wasn’t crazy; my thigh did look a little enlarged and misshaped.…show more content…
I waited in line for the test and then waited some more for my results. After what felt like days, the doctor came in to talk to me about further testing. He told me that my femur seems to be enlarged and slightly deformed. He said that there is a possibility of me having something called Paget’s disease, but he would have to take my blood to be positive. He asked if I had any relatives with the disease, because it is thought to run in the family, although the actual cause is still unknown. I told him that I don’t know of anyone having it, that is when he informed me that most people don’t’ even realize that they have it because the deformities can sometimes be very small. I told him that I was ready for him to take my blood. When taking my blood, he explained to me that he was looking for an elevated amount of an enzyme called Alkaine Phosphtase. He continued to tell me how this will make us certain if Paget’s disease is what I have for sure. This blood work took about a week to come back, so I went home after having it

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