Diary Entry on Gentling a Wildcat

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Dear Diary I sit on my bed, in this captivating nature reserve, at the resort, thinking about what happened yesterday evening. I wish I hadn’t gone into the jungle and seen what had happened. It makes me think of the jungle life out there. Yesterday, I decided to take a walk into the jungle. I was drawn there by my wonder and fascination for animals, hoping to find some cats and jackals. There was a passion igniting in me to go into the forest to seek for adventure. As I walked into the forest, there were leaves moving. There was a sense of curiosity in me to find out what was making the leaves move. I walked closer and as I did, the pile of leaves stopped moving. To my amazement and shock, a cat was there trying to conceal itself in its stages of death. The cat was viciously torn apart by jackals. Its intestines were torn apart and there was a bit of blood lying around. I had become more astonished and my heart was beating faster and faster like a whirlwind. The cat looked at me with eyes of fury. It was the still very vicious and its breathing was very intense. It was challenging me not to come near it. I then recalled someone telling me that they were hard to tame. I took up the courage and followed my heart towards it. I then realized that the cat had given birth to kittens. I felt really sorry for the innocent kittens. It came to mind that the jackals had attacked the cat while she was in a vulnerable position. I felt like a coward not having the strength to put it down in its pain. I could have used a braced thumb or nullifying stone to put it rest but I just couldn’t. I felt uneasy about the life of animals and the agony that they go through in the phase of dying. I then sat down and tried to calm her down with my hand. I said to her some soothing words of comfort and finally she became serene. Her breathing had also eased. The time

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