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Diary Entry Essay

  • Submitted by: dompas
  • on February 16, 2012
  • Category: English
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Dominic Doyle
English Creative Writing – Diary Entry
Andrew McBrody September 25th 2015
I’m lucky to have you, diary. As you hide under my dirty, half thin disgusting excuse for a mattress. I come back to you every day without fail to scream and cry at the world in written form. I’m lucky to have you diary.
Today, however, I had a change, something that will change my life forever and would make my family very happy.
I am no longer in the presence of those monsters, The Raiders; I am no longer their property. A man claiming to be my uncle, Steve McBrody, my father’s brother came for me and rescued me. I am now sitting in a jeep on my way to an airstrip so that my uncle can take me to live with him in The United Arab Emirates, for a better life. There is talk of strong infrastructure there; some say that they predicted Armageddon. I’m staying quiet at the moment because I am still in shock of what happened back at the place they were keeping me as a servant. The Raider chief, Anton, started to beat my uncle, blood was pouring from his face. My uncle struck Anton in his ugly face, right in the nose. It popped on impact and penetrated his skull and killed him instantly, so my uncle and I made our escape to his jeep.
Uncle Steve has been telling me stories of what he and my father used to get up to as children. I did laugh, although only in my head. I just can’t show any emotion right now or I will break down and cry. I am overwhelmed at what has happened in the last hour and a half. I don’t know if I would cry from happiness or if I would cry from all the abuse in my eleven years of life. I feel like I am bursting from my stomach, this is why I’m lucky to have you diary, to show my deepest inner emotions.
I can’t believe that at this time tomorrow I will be in The UAE, I have heard a lot of the place, of how there are no wars, no Raiders roaming the streets with guns, no brutal public killings. Just a better life, which I hope is waiting for me. I’ll...

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