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Diary Assignment Diary Assignment Dear Diary, This ain’t fair, none of it is fair I tell ya. I was the one that found that conch. I was the one who knew what it was! And I am the one who had the idea of calling the assembly. But Ralph gets all the attention, all that respect. He didn’t know what that conch was till I told him! No one ever listens to meh. And he ain’t even appreciate that? Tellin all them other uns that my name is Piggy. Trusted him when I told him what all them used to call me at school, shouldn’t have. It’s my fault. Should’ve never trusted him pretty British boys, they think they got the whole world on their shoulder jus’ cause they look pretty. But I ain’t talkin bout Ralph’s here, I dunno why, but I think Ralph’s a nice guy, he jus dunno how to be nice is all. Not talkin bout him though , no sir, I’m talkin bout that other bigun, Jack. Something tells meh there ain’t something right bout that kid, I tell ya. He got this look in his eyes, only gets it sometimes, but it’s there alright. Makes him look kinda crazy. It scares meh. Gives meh those goose bumps. Like when he killed that pig, he had this crazy look as he chanted insanely, “Kill the pig, cut her throat, bash her in!” My aunt always said people who talk too much bout violence are bound to be criminals, even killers. He’s very mean too. No, not mean, he’s worse. He’s vicious, and cruel. A slap of respect is all he needs I tell ya! He don’t like me that’s for sure. Like when I had the conch, and it was meh right to talk, he kept interrupting, saying things like, “The conch doesn’t count on top of the mountains, so you shut up!” That’s not true, when did we ever make up a rule like that? He seeks attention. Plus, what I had to say was only gonna help us. I may be a load of other things, but I ain’t stupid. I bet ya

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